Well. I had big plans to blog in July. I swear I did.
I have a bunch of pictures on my phone to do recipe blogs and some stuff I hauled non-makeup related. But for whatever reason in my drastically non-busy life, I somehow managed to still be too distracted to get them done.
So you can imagine how my project palette went too, then.
Not to say I didn't use the palettes I put up for July. I just hardly did my makeup at all this month. But when I did, I used them almost exclusively.  I'm realizing I have too much to try to pan, especially at the rate I seem to acquire new items. Kinda told myself I wouldnt and didnt need to buy any more eyeshadow, or blushes/highlighters for that matter...yet, I did. Boy did I. If you follow me on Instagram then I'm sure you saw I got some Too Faced stuff from Hautelook, a couple of Viseart palettes, highlighters...I can't stop myself.  Even when I know I don't need or want things, I still find something that makes me hit that buy button.
Let;s stop talking about my lack of willpower and check out the things I loved thoroughly this month:

Starting with the body - I saw on Sephora that Tokyomilk had released a couple of new scents, nothing about this name or packaging could have called to me more. Lips, the name...I'm a weirdo. I love odd medical things, mixed with beauty it's almost like it was custom created for me.  So I ran to my Sephora and sprayed it all over myself and proclaimed my immediate love for it to anyone working there who would look my way.  It has a really intricate note system.  I honestly am not sure I can describe it, you have to smell it for yourself. If you like the Dark line from Tokyomilk, then you know how unique their scents are.

These new L'Oreal Masques hit shelves in July and I looked for them everytime I was in a store until I managed to catch 'em all.   Being that I've used the dark clay one the most, Detox & Brighten, I can say it's my favorite. But I have used all three now and I can see them all doing benefit to my skin when I use them.  They each have a nice spa like fragrance that differs between masques and is a bit overpowering but...not in a bad way.  I'm really enjoying them, even more than my sheet masks!  These retail for 12.99.

As of lately I have become more concerned about the proper skincare for my face than just about anything else I put on my mug.  This serum by Ole Henriksen pretty much changed my skin more than any other item I have put on my face thus far.  I saw results within a day, just overall better, brighter skin.  Pretty sure this is one of the few items in my regimen I will not be changing.

Brushes.  If you know me, you know I am a brush addict.  I came across Bdellium tools through a Youtuber named Kimberley Clark (fucking hilarious bee tee dubs)...not only are their brushes phenom, but they have entire sets of bamboo brushes in green, pink, yellow, purple...SO MUCH PRETTY.  These are the ones I picked up this month and while I havent used ALL of them yet, I know they're gonna be go-to brushes.  Most of these ran me about $15-25 a piece.

As any brush hoarder can attest to, it is hard to find good storage for your brushes, especially at the rate mine are multiplying.  I'm pretty much outgrowing this already and I've only had it a couple of weeks.  I picked this up at Target for roughly 8 bucks in the office supplies/organization department.   I loved the very Sephora-like design of it and it has 6 nice sized compartments to seperate brushes into.

On to makeups!  Tarte recently released a bunch of nude stuff...lips, blushes, a highlighter. I was obsessing over that highlighter, until, I swatched it.  Realized it was pretty much like 6-10 highlighters I already had.  But I'm a sucker for a nude gloss and this one in the shade Hella, is everything.

Another lippie I love right now is this gorgeous pale nude peach from the new Bare Minerals Gen Nude collection of lipsticks, glosses and liquid lipsticks.  SUPER moisturizing.

I've been on a serious liner binge. Eyes, lips...I need every color. So why is it I only have two of these?  The formula of these NYX Slide On pencils is epic...So much pigment and staying power, I really do need to go get every color they make, I love them that much.

I don't think I bought this highlighter in July, so I did pretty good there.  But I used it the most in July and with good reason...I think no highlighter looks better on  MY face, than a duochrome/iridescent one.  This reminds me so much of one of my all time favorites by Smashbox that is no longer with us.  Such a stunning pink to peach opalescent dream of a powder right here.  Oh yeah, this is Urban Decay in Fireball.   I'm sure you've seen it around, they were pretty much all anyone talked about when they released at the end of Spring.

We KNOW I bought this in July. Why is Anastasia killing it every month with something I can't live without?  At first I thought there was just no way I could get use out of this palette.  I mean come on...I'm an everyday makeup girl living in the GA country, aint no one gonna know what to do seeing  me at Walmart in green highlighter.  But damn if this isn't an amazing eyeshadow palette.  Put these over a dark or black shadow...oh my hell yes.  Granted, I've seen some gorgeous looks on the face using this, blending several together in fact, it looks astonishingly good. So I may give that a go too.

And last thing for the month is this old thing.  I always forget to use my face palettes when I'm reaching for my bronzers and blushes.  So I've been keeping this up top and using it a TON for warming up my pale ass skin this summer.  The palette is pretty neutral to me, some warm, some borderline cool, and a couple of nice lightly shimmered powders in there to finish it off.  Makeup Revolution makes some amazing face products, and the price on their palettes is ridiculous, I honestly think this was only $10 or $15 at Ulta.

I promise I will do better this month.  I have things to share!!

July Favorites!


Hey you guuuuuuys!!

I'm TRYING to post more...I definitely didn't want this blog to sit stagnant and only host sponsored reviews and monthly favorites...I'm just still trying to find  my footing in the world of lifestyle blogs.
Yesterday I posted a new project I'm starting this month, and today we are back with monthly favorites.
Hopefully this month I can bring you some Project Palette check ins - more in depth reviews on things I PURCHASE...etc.
But for now...let's check out the mini reviews on Junes Favorites!

Two polishes I am in LOVE with this month are Illamasqua Nomad and Sephora Formula X Revved Up.
Nomad has been a longtime favorite, but theres nothing like wearing it in the summer with some sandals to really make it pop. It's just an outstanding color as well as formula.
Revved Up is a new purchase from June.  I went to Sephora and saw there was only ONE of these and it was out of reach in the Formula X display so I told myself, its a sign, you don't need it.  Fast forward to a couple of trips later to the same Sephora, the same ONE bottle was still there, still out of reach. So between the person I was shopping with, myself, and one of the Sephora girls, we literally pulled the display apart to get that sucker out. Needless to say, it was worth the struggle.  It's a stunning foiled rose gold shade, very metallic, shows every defect in your nail so definitely wear it with some smooth nails.  I purchased both of these at Sephora, but I know they have since discontinued selling Illamasqua, so I have no idea where you buy it now, Illamasqua ships international, but they dont ship nail if you know of anyone who carries it in the US, let me know, it's one of my favorite polish brands.

Next up is this mattifying powder from Wet n Wild.  I've been back and forth with this one as I seem to have a lot of powders.  Its very lightweight and I've been playing with it for setting  my face and my undereye...its good and cheap but not quite what I'm after.  That said, I've been loving it for a nice translucent pressed powder.

I'm sure you've seen this foundation buzzing around this Spring/Summer.  The Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation. It's stolen my heart.  I've bought quite a few foundations in the last couple of months but this one is top of the charts good.  It lasts ALL day, has a gorgeous finish and just...does the work.  I'm in shade Creamwhip and I gotta say...this is HOLY GRAIL for me.  My past HG was MUFE Mat Velvet, but this is WAY better to me, for me...and its a good bit cheaper too at approx $27.

I am so into this little guy right here, the Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer in Sweet Tea.  I was obsessing over buying this for a few weeks.  Once I get something in my head, I can't get it out til its mine. So I went to Sephora and I swatched it and I kinda hated it. It seemed SOOOO shimmery.  But I kept seeing all of these people talking about how great it was, how GLOWY it was, and I just couldnt get it out of my head.  So I was in Ulta one day and swatched it again just to put the demons to rest and it was like a totally different product...beautiul color payoff, gorgeous SHEEN, but no glitter or sparkle like I'd remembered.  Snatched it up and havent looked back.  9 times out of 10, this is my bronzer of choice right now.  Also a MUST HAVE.

I saw some mixed reviews on these Wet n Wild Ombre Blushes.  I *think* they're Target exclusive, I got three shades and so far this is the only one I've tried but i completely adore it.  I have a problem with peach blushes, I do.  And I also get right sucked into anything ombre like this.  It's got minimal pigment, which I like in a blush because even though I swear to heck I have 50 blushes at least, they scare me.  I would rather build it up than have clowny face.  So this is right up my alley for a nice sheer wash of color.

I imagine as June and July favorites roll in throughout the internet beauty community, this palette by Anastasia will be all over them.  The Modern Renaissance palette wins because its on-time with its trending shades of red/orange.
Between this and the Lime Crime Venus Palette I never need another shade of cranberry eyeshadow as long as I live.  I will say this though...the shade Buon Fresco is my absolute favorite in here. Its like a muted greyish purple, its DIVINE.  Absolutely, positively wins as my all time favorite shadow color.  I was glad to hear it is one of the shades in this palette actually available as a single as definitely getting a backup!!

I dont really, necessarily, find I have much in the way of dark circles to cover up, but I saw someone rave about this product and I decided to give it a try.  I honestly can say that for as long as Pixi has been around, it NEVER interested me until recently.  Now I'm kind of becoming a Pixi collector.  Last month I had nothing from this line and now I have...about 6 or 7 items.
Anyway!  This corrector is great for just evening the skin color under my eyes out with the rest of my face.  I pat it into the inner corner and down my circles then cover with concealer and its really quite a game changer.  Super brightening!

NYX Matte Liquid Liner...another product that reached holy grail status with me this month.
Its very hard to find where I live for some reason, but lo and behold I finally got my hands on one at Target and I can see why it's so coveted.  Great pigmentation, perfect brush...its everything..and it makes the easiest wing, precisest line, which is great for my wrinkly ass eyelids!

Yep, here we have something that's finally replaced my well loved Diorshow  Mascara.  Sorry but forget about Rollerball, Better than Sex or Perversion...this combination of mascaras has me hooked, and all for under 10 bucks.  The Cover Girl Super Sizer is amazing on its own, length, a little volume and a great seperating brush.  I love it for those natural lash days but it can be built up for some drama.
Lash Princess by Essence is its dirty little sister.  On its own its great but I find it smudges on me in this humidity I live in.  So I pair it OVER Super Sizer and OMG do I get some nearly false lash looking dramatics.  No joke.  Its THAT good.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Summer Fruit is the more intense and glossy version of my favorite summer lipstick, Bite Pickled Ginger.  The shine on this baby is incredible, goes on in one pigmented swoop and has pretty decent lasting power.  For a gloss, of course.  

Man, I sense a pattern here with all the NYX products.  But its definitely my favorite line at the drugstore/ when they have new products or I find something in the massive line I havent seen or tried before, I'm gonna grab it.. The Electro Liners are a new release and I quickly picked up about 5 shades.  I am dying over this gorgeous baby blue one right now, Coastal.  I wore this in the waterline with a neon green shadow in my inner corner and nothing else and got soooo many compliments on it.  It's the PERFECT summer liner.

HONORABLE MENTION - as with the Anastasia palette, I feel alot of people are loving up on this foundation right now, the Loreal Infallible Pro Glow.
I'm of a mixed opinionated mind on this right now.
The immediate application, coverage and finish of this foundation is...amazing.
Blends like a dream, has a solid medium coverage and the finish is just...god, it makes your skin look freaking amazing.
HOWEVER....the FIRST time I used this, I put it over a primer from Loreal that I should have thrown out.  It was that blurring one...from the day I bought it, it had separation issues.  So i put it under this foundation and set out to the gym in 97 degree temps to really put it through its paces.  After a total of less than 2.5 hours, the foundation had broken down SO BADLY on the areas next to my nose/cheeks that I was actually embarassed to go to the store before I went home from the gym.  I was gutted.  It clung to my dry patches and it was disgusting.
So the next day I went without primer and I had the complete opposite experience.  I've since used it once more and I do really like the finish and coverage of it...I just find its a little too much/dewy for oily skin, and yet it clings to dry patches.  So I'm confused who this is actually good for.  

What did you love this month?  Anything here you loved or want to try?
Let me know!

June Faves


Hey guys!
So this post is going to touch on a new to me challenge - the Pan Project.

Essentially...every month (or week depending on my choices/mood) I'm going to pick a palette to use exclusively in my hopes of using it up/hitting pan on it.
As this is my first chapter in this adventure, I decided to go big and pull out FOUR palettes.
Reasons for this are:
They're super old and I'm sick of looking at them
I wanted to really give this a fair go but still have some variety in my makeup choices

Because I picked four palettes, I'm going to do this first installment in a month.
So for the month of July, I will be using ONLY shadows from these four palettes.
Lets see what they are and their current amounts.

First up - the original Naked Palette from Urban Decay.  I bought this because a fellow makeup artist friend was gagging over it and it had just come out and was super hard to get your hands on.  I needed some of that. Unfortunately, when I bought this I was JUST getting into my nail polish obsession and makeup took a backburner to nails.

MAC Snowgirl. I won't even lie, I had no idea this palette was SO old. old it has travelled with me to live in 5 different states.  Thats old, yo.  Its been awhile since I even cracked this open, no idea how the pigmentation even is on it but we'll see.  Some of these pans have decent dips in them, so I imagine this will be the first one to see pan.

Kat Von D Truth.  Pretty sure I swapped for this guy a few years back.  That fourth mermaid-y shade is actually a creme and totally dried down to the pan.  So this is only a seven shadow project here but all the shades are barely used.

The Star Studded Palette also from Kat Von D - I received this as a Christmas present in 2014 and used it only a handful of times.  It's a good palette, I know those top two rows should be easy to get through.  I used to love those bottom corner brown shades for my brows.

So there you have it.  I may do weekly check ins (maybe only on IG, not sure yet) to see progress.
The challenge here is not only using these up and getting them out of my collection, but also to challenge myself to wear  makeup more. Since I don't have a traditional job, I dont go out much and don't put on makeup much.  So this project is also partly to get me to put my makeup on every day, regardless of my plans, and therefore honing my skills and using what I have.  Im beginning to think I'm more obsessed with BUYING the makeup than actually wearing it.

Project Palette - July 2016


Hey loves!
Been a hot minute, sorry!
I'm mostly blogging via Instagram as it fits better with my lazy lifestyle right now. But when I do a monthly favorite or something special, I will be posting here.
So without further comes all the things I was LOVING in May!

The internet seemed to be all abuzz about this new foundation from Milani. Apparently its pretty mixed and I've heard lots of people didn't like it, but not me.  Personally I think the coverage is fantastic and it holds really well on my skin. For reference I'm combo...oily cheeks and forehead and chin with dry patches around my nose more or less.  This is a foundation I have reached for 5 out of 7 days a week.  Retails on the Milani website for 9.99US, and comes in 14 shades.  I purchased mine at Walmart.

I've had this product for awhile.  Its typically what I wear on my "no makeup days" and gym days.  Its got a TON of pigment like a medium coverage foundation but its super light on the skin.  Comes in 2 shades and retails for 14.95US on the Physicians Formula website

In a classic case of the Youtube Made Me Do It's...I purchased this after seeing Wayne Goss rave about it. Been using it about 6 weeks and I am definitely loving it. My skins redness and tone has improved like...70%. Its unreal.  Retails for 55US on the Paula's Choice website, I purchased mine on

Sephora #93 brush. In a rush one day at Sephora I was browsing their brushes and found this little guy.  It looked like it might be a good brush for highlighter and it really is. It's a bit hefty at $30US, but I do love it for a nice subtle highlight, it doesnt lay down a ton of product. Synthetic and vegan.

For a much more affordable highlighter brush option, heres the Real Techniques Fan Brush. This comes exclusively in a 3 piece brush set called the Sculpting Kit. It retails for 19.99US at Ulta, which is where I purchased mine. The brush itself feels cheap and lightweight, but I love the lightness and sparseness of the bristles in this. perfect for laying down just the right amount of shimmer.

As someone who almost always has crazy colors in my hair, I try not to wash it very often. So dry shampoo is my BFF. I normally use the regular no scent Batiste in the leopard can, but I recently ran across this Tropical version one day at Walmart and omg I LOOOOVE it for summer.  And how cute is the can with flamingos on it?!  Retails for around 8US.

About 2 or so months ago, I came across this UK brand being sold at Ulta.  It looked really impressive and had AMAZING ratings, so I picked up pretty much the entire glycolic line.  These three are what I would consider the standout products in the line.  Each of these has shown me really fantastic results.  The scrub is very gritty, however. The mask is amazing and peels the hell out of your skin if you leave it past its recommended 10 minutes (oops).  The cleansing pads are great for quick morning routines, one side has a slightly textured feel to give more of a "scrub".  I picked all of these up at Ulta but will link you to the official Nip + Fab site.

In a fit of trying to find the "ultimate" skin care products to work with my changing getting old...I have been testing out quite a few eye products. Most seems to just hydrate enough to get by without much of any resulting benefits.  This Olay cream is a new product to my regimen that I have so far been loving. Its thick without being heavy and I feel like it gives me an immediate lift to my eye area.  I don't notice any lessening of fine lines but I'm going to reserve judgement until the product is used up to see if its other claims are accurate or not.  So far so good though.  I think this set me back about 24US at Walmart/CVS.

Another product that got some hype this month and I caved, and so happy I did.  There are 4 shades in this Lorac Illuminating range and this shade in Moonlight is soooo great for pale girls.  Seriously...I have a LOT of highlighters and this is one of my very favorites already.  Retails for 22US (purchased at Ulta).

The most talked about product of May? Probably.  I went to FIVE Walgreens to find this little punk.
Worth it? Totally. So GORGEOUS!!  This limited edition highlighter comes in two shades (I have both but this one in Precious Petals is definitely better suited to my skintone).  They're very much sold out online and most retail stores but I've heard Walgreens and Rite Aid are your best bets.

Another fab Wet n Wild product I'm loving right now is this contouring duo in Dulce de Leche. Both shades in this are FANTASTIC. The coolish tone of the contour and the very vanilla shade of highlight brightens my undereye area perfectly!  These retail for about 5US and can be found in any store carrying WnW.

I'm not sure which YouTuber I first saw talk about this, but I grabbed it up when I was making a purchase at and I am soooo pleased with this bronzer.  One half is matte and one half is shimmer, such a cool concept and its nice and cool/neutral toned.  Retails for 34US.

Bite Beauty recently released a new line of lipsticks, Amuse Bouche, in 34 shades.  To say I only own two of them makes me sad because they have got to be the most incredible formula I've ever put on my pucker.  This shade, Pickled Ginger, is such an insane shade of coral leaning orange.  It screams on my lips, perfect for summer.  They're 26US at Sephora.

And that does it for May - what did YOU love this month that I need to check out?!

May Faves!


Hey guys - welcome back!
Today I'm back with another review, and unfortunately...I hate when I'm sent a product to try out and I have to leave a less than glowing review for it. It makes me feel like...I'm not grateful for it. I am but hey...if a product doesn't work, ya'll should know!
So I had high hopes for this little guy - Azure Naturals 22% Professional Strength Vitamin C E Ferulic Milk Serum.  I mean it boasts to be professional strength in a higher dosage than you can usually find in stores (highest I'd seen before this was 20%) - lets get into its claims:

Taking vitamin C through a supplement or food is beneficial to your health, but to specifically target signs of aging on your face, topical vitamin C is best. Applying Vitamin C to the skin is up to 20 times more effective than taking it orally - Dr. Oz. One of the most powerful functions of vitamin C is its role in the production of collagen, a protein that gives your skin its elasticity. As you age, collagen breaks down and wrinkles begin to form. Stabilizing your skin's levels of vitamin C can help to counteract wrinkle formation by increasing collagen production. Vitamin C helps boost collagen, which will bring elasticity to your skin and can prevent sagging in as little as 2 weeks - Dr. Oz
When it comes to treating age spots, you don't need chemical peels and lasers - Vitamin C can have almost the same results! Age spots are essentially sun damage, and Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, shown to reduce the number of sunburned cells as well as reverse age-related damage to skin. Using Vitamin C Serum is safer, cheaper, and easier than a facelift or chemical peel - Dr. Oz
The length of time from when you start using Vitamin C until you see results varies with each person. Your skin will start to feel smoother and more supple within a few days. Most people will start to see improvements in coloration as soon as 2-4 weeks, it may take others 6-8 weeks to see a significant difference. After around 6 months, you'll reach the maximum benefits.

Gotcha.  Well...the company sent this to me via Amazon, but I go through a third party company to actually get approved for these reviews, and they have a strict deadline of 14 days from the time you are approved to get a review up without getting marks on your "blogger record" as it were. Sadly this includes shipping time, response time, etc. So giving this a full shot at 14 days up to 6 months isn't something I can do, initially.  I WILL circle back to this post at the time I finish this product to update.

Now, before I got this, I had been using a similar serum from Ole Henricksen. I noticed almost immediate results with that product, this one...I felt honestly like it wasn't even a factor.  It did nothing, good or bad.  It did smell good though.

I use this as follows:
I wash my face at night with a clarisonic, followed by my ACV toner.  I then apply this, using a pump per section of my face (approx three pumps to cover my face), follow with an eye cream, let this soak in for about 15-20 minutes and follow with my glycolic night cream.  I only use this once a day as I have a glycolic serum I use in the daytime.

The product is housed in an amber plastic bottle with a nice pump applicator.

I do love the consistency of this serum, its easy to apply and soaks in quickly.

Day One, here we go!

Obviously nothing immediate, product definitely feels hydrating after application.

Aside from the different lighting (this was at night whereas my first application was in the daytime, sorry!) - The only noticeable differences to me are a few troubles areas I had at first that are gone now, but I chalk that up to the ten day time difference.  Texture and feel of my skin seem really about the same. Not worse, at least it didn't have any adverse reactions.  Maybe I see slightly less redness in tone, nut as far as my trouble t-zone areas, like pores, all seem about the same really.
All in all I think its needs more time for a true evaluation...I will do an update once the product is finished up.

If you are interested in checking this product out - you can find it here!
A 1 oz bottle will set you back about $19 - 2 oz is just under $29.

Review - Azure Naturals 22% Professional Strength Vitamin C E Ferulic Milk Serum

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